• Gleeseason3lyrics

    Finally I can start a new Graphics Club in the Unholy Trinity Wiki. I'm so excited to start a new season of the graphics club.

    Well, It's more about making graphics. Enjoying the things you do, and more!

    • Name:
    • Graphic Picture:
    • Why should you join?
    • Do you have what it takes to be a graphics club member?

    Raven (a.k.a BrittArtie) TBA

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  • QuickForeverr

    Hey everyone!

    I think we need to get this Wiki more stable. We need to update the Admin's page and see who's actually active on this Wiki. I think there's only about 5 admins who come on this site still. I don't know why we have a Mercedes page, as she's not part of the Unholy Trinity, or ever been in a relationship with one.

    From what I see, this could be a really useful Wiki.

    Admins that I think are Active:




    Gleek4ever2012 (me)

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  • LVChord

    This is what happens when Burt and Carol have to say goodbye to their babies.

    .*Burt enters Kurt's room. He’s caring a box.*

    Burt - "Hey, Kurt! Look what I found!"

    .*Kurt comes out of the bathroom*

    Kurt - "Yes? What's that?"

    Burt - "It's all of your old stuff, from when you were a kid. Carol and I are setting things up for you guys and I found it. I thought you might want to keep something with you."

    .*Kurt puts his hands on his hips. He pauses.*

    Kurt - "Well, leave it here. I'll check it later, okay? I gotta go. Blaine's waiting for me."

    .*Burt nods and Kurt leaves.*

    .*He looks at it and picks up a picture of him and Kurt.*

    .*While Burt goes through the stuff, we hear a song starting to play and he sings it.*

    ♪ Schoolbag in hand

    He leaves home in the…

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